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Travel Photography Pricing

*Subject to a 3% credit card processing fee & service tax, and California state tax fee of 7.25%

Pricing for Travel Photography varies depending on the scope of the photoshoot, amount of images needed and editing process.


Add a logo or text — $10/image

Rush Delivery, 24 hours — $300

Expedited Delivery, 48 hours — $210


San Diego Travel & Landscape Photographer

       I am a San Diego based Travel and Landscape Photographer specializing in capturing those special travel moments in the greater San Diego area and around the world.  I am known for capturing unique and natural images that grab your followers attention. I’m dedicated to excellent customer service and creating an effortless and collaborative work experience that produces top quality images for your online lifestyle profile in San Diego that will express and promote your brand.  I’m dedicated to making you feel comfortable with your choice and providing excellent pictures at an on location shoot.

        I understand that a travel based image needs to encapsulate more than just a point & shoot image, it needs to encapsulate and spark excitement that you are trying to showcase to your following and capture their eye in a sea of others posts.  Each shot is deeply invested in and I’m committed to providing you with incredible travel and landscape photos in San Diego. My focus is on my clients and creating lasting and impactful images.

Why Travel & Landscape Photography?

        Whether you manage a personal travel Instagram or blog, manage a tourism board, or are a destination magazine having high quality, eye catching images is key to your success.  We live in a world where the majority of people are encapsulated by images daily through social media, and viewers have become very selective and intelligent over what motivates them to like, comment, save and engage with accounts and businesses.  Maintaining a successful profile is so important to building up your success and increasing income, yet it is also a very time consuming part of the business. Not only do your images have to be spot on, they need to be creative, eye catching, crisp, you also need engaging captions, someone to engage with your audience and focus on building your following… all of which can take hours of your time.

        Hiring a professional travel & landscape photographer for your business will allow you to spend less time on setting up, capturing and editing photos, and more time engaging with your following to create a lasting business.

Travel Photographer in San Diego

        Are you in need of a travel & landscape photographer for your Instagram, Blog, magazine or website?  If so, Bluescapes Photography is the perfect photographer choice for you! I’m an experienced and well organized photographer with experience shooting travel & landscape images for businesses and content creators that can spark your followers to engage with you.

Serving San Diego locations, Southern California locations, as well as travel destinations around the world.

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